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Increíble, gracias por danos otro capítulo más...
¡Y por muchos más, salud!

I'm so happy you're still animating! Such great sound effects, character and camera movement, and of course the hilarious voice acting...
What happened to that feature film you were making long ago??
Cheers from Buenos Aires, mate!

¡Debería ser una serie de televisión!

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You just forget about the gameplay. The game plays for itself. The soundtrack is VERY refreshing and the lines you keep reading while advancing towards the "end" of the game are both really intimate and beautiful.
Kudos for making this, hope to see more of this stuff in the future!

I loved it!

Took me a while to finish it, but I totally loved it. Reminded me of the old adventure game Another World, which is incredibly good. I love the simplicity of it all, simple graphics, cool music and sfx and just great platform action!
I'd love to compose some music to your future games!


This game is incredible. You can see how much effort you guys put. The single detail of how beautiful the art of the game is, it's inspiring enough to leave you in awe. But then you have the great story, the -incredible- soundtrack, the dark details...Simply let me congratulate everybody who worked on this and just keep it up.

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Really pretty

Sounds intruiging. When it comes to a creepy mood, the song returns to that melancholic feeling.
Can't wait to play the actual game.

KKSlider60 responds:

Thank you for your kind review,
Have a nice day ^^


I love your music in general. This piece is beautiful... I love the whole mix of instruments you've arranged. The "Classical" feeling to it is so pretty, those violins or whatever VST you've used, those notes are seriously chilling. I love them. They change the whole ambient of the song. And to use such a variety of musical genre and still fit it's a really hard thing to do, so 2 thumbs up, and can't wait for your next creation.

Very futuristic

I really like this, the beginning is really pretty and it gives me a futuristic feel...Then it becomes a little Zelda-ish which is really cool too. Nice skills and mix of instruments. Cheers!

Boogerblaster1690 responds:

im glad that i made a song that you enjoyed! i love getting feedback from listeners. it says 113 ppl have listened to it so far and ur the first response i got lol but im glad that it was positive none the less. hope i can make something else in the future right up ur alley. ....no homo lol

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¡Goddamn, muy bueno! Me encanta las viejas historias sobre los gigantes, sobre todo cuando mencionan que las rocas grandes eran partes de sus huesos...

Qué bueno que estes trabajando en algo grande... y encima de género fantástico y de ciencia ficción! Si necesitas ayuda con el soundtrack original, conta conmigo!!
Saludos y toda la suerte, este personaje se ve increible.

Granfaloon responds:

Muchas gracias! y gracias por el apoyo, definitivamente vamos a necesitar soundtrack original!

Amazing! Very Miyazaki-san!

"Super perfundo on the early eve of your day".

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