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Are you looking for some old Newgrounds gems, classic material that made the site proud of its users? Then don’t be afraid to give the past a chance and watch/play some of the oldest children from the site. I have been lurking here since 2001, starting from being a 13-year-old kid inspired by everything that was done here, to this old bastard I'm today.

I can still remember those rainy nights, witnessing greatness premiering before my very own eyes; Combat Instinct, Kong, Hostage Situation 2… And if that wasn’t enough, you could speak with the directors and ask for advice and technical questions. I wanted to make a list in order to celebrate and share some of the most striking works I've seen here over the past twenty years (which I'm sure I'll be leaving out some very important stuff, but hopefully introduce you to some obscure material that really deserves the recognition). There is no real “order” whatsoever, so I’m starting by the year 1999 and squeeze some years through up until today:




(Me and my friends would take turns to play all of these 5 classics NG games, it was so addictive and we even loved the "plots" behind them)

(MindChamber really showed insane skills and made Flash 4 look and feel like Hollywood)

(I loved this classic shoot'em up... even with those annoying sfx)

(McFretN stuff was and still is mind blowing)

(One of my fondest and earliest memories was getting to know the site playing Stamper earlier works)

(A NG Halloween classic)



(Vastcool would become our very own John K., eventually bringing us the classic Johnny Rocketfingers)

(When this came out, LOTR was just hitting the big screen and everyone was mega-hyped with epic battles. Ben Spurgin grabbed the perfect theme for the site: the initial "hate" for stick figures. His use of Flash was very original and I had a blast watching the episodes drop on a regular basis up until his sadly demise. May he rest in peace!)

(To contrast Stick Slayer, here's an action series by Rob-D that really knew how to use stick figures with slick cameras and great film editing)

(Neat tribute to one of the best games ever)

(This short film is the bomb... Raz surely knows his resources!)

(I couldn’t believe when fellow Argentinian animator Diego Zuberbühler hit deep on the NG scene with his Neo-Bender series. I used to chat a lot with him and he was super generous giving me great Flash tips, today he is managing partner of studioFREAK and continues to kick ass worldwide).






(Crazy underrated NG artist that has great animations)

(A real Wizard of Macromedia Flash)

(Sarkazm is among my favorite independent artists ever)

(Another fantastic NG user, with bittersweet films some hilarious, others emotional, mostly both and a huge vault of original music to discover)

(I love the eerieness this user always accomplishes)

(Has a long history of greatness with music videos and unique short films & games)

(I love this whole series, but this episode is so warm felt!)



(I have a soft spot for this ep., I remember like it was yesterday when Doki appeared and started uploading this series... Every chapter was full of originality and great care for sound design, which I deeply enjoyed and respected)

(It's a pitty this user has deleted his account, his work was one of the best I've seen on the site)

(Back in the day, when Newgrounds was a “niche”, you really bonded with users. There weren’t as many as there are now and you would be really inspired by other’s work who kept leveling the quality bar and pushing Flash’s capabilities further. Some were more technically advanced, others better animated, others were more about the story than the graphics. Sean Montela a.k.a. AloneInTheDark is a truly flash cinematographer and his movies prove that. I had the privilege of making Autumn Tree with him and I learned a lot from him. As Internet kept growing and growing, it was easy to loose touch and it leaves a bittersweet feeling of not knowing how your “virtual” friends are. Hopefully Sean is okay somewhere!).


(The Nevermore adventure series is phenomenal, I recommend it 100% to play it all the way through)



(You can download the .SWF from the author's DeviantArt)



(Got the chance to score this one, it would've been a lovely series. But it does brings a smile to my face the warm reaction this submission got!)


(Gorgeous short film, I love it)

(Hilarious... and great film design!)

 ("Shit just got real")


(I can't believe this work of art; one of a kind game, one of a kind experience. Newgrounds, again, the home of brilliants)

(Go play it, now! Those backgrounds... They really nailed everything!)

(Another great game!)

(One of the most United Productions of America (UPA)-styled short films I've seen on Newgrounds... Amazing stuff!)

 (Definitely a must watch late night on a Halloween, so funny!)




(A very Rod Serling tale, I love the Twilight Zone-esque feeling of this series!)



(If you haven't seen this, then you probably should; because if we don't open our eyes this may be a probable outcome)





(As if Sarkazm hadn't gave us enough —his short films always seemed to come from a Locomotion TV-blackhole that blended the styles of Peter Chung and the HBO animation department behind Spawn—, he then presents this amazing point&click game with an emotional story that's superbly animated and scored. It's gameplay is innovative and fresh, with puzzles that will surprise the traditional Lucasfilm Games/Sierra adventurers)



(Had to add this work of art, absolute marvelous team work! Another UPA-styled cartoon for NG, instant classic for our rarities list!)


It would be awesome if anyone feels like adding entries in the comment section, so that we can keep the list alive and updated. Hope you enjoy it!